Tagaytay Trip 9/3/16

Today we went to one of my places on my “Philippine Travel Bucket List”, Tagaytay! On the way there we stopped in Nuvali to wake board at Wake Park, which I had never done before, and it was pretty fun. We were pulled by cable machines instead of speedboats and obviously we started at the beginners’ pool. Eventually we became decent wake boarders and had enough courage to go to the advanced area (lol). I was too scared and intimidated to use a wake board, especially after seeing a couple of my group members face plant hard into the water after being whiplashed/dragged by the cable which I happened to catch on video! J Anyway, I ended up using a knee board and actually enjoyed it about the same as a wake board. I was only able to ride one straightaway because when it got to the turning part the cable stopped and all of a sudden whipped me to ride again and I definitely was not mentally or physically ready for that. So after being dragged sideways with a mouthful of disgusting, but possibly-definitely-absolutely-dirty water, I figured it was best to swim as fast as I can with my board to the side and did a walk of shame back to the deck where I decided to be camera woman instead. Then after my group and I figured that we can’t hang with the pros (there literally were pros there, most likely judging) we figured we’re better off returning to the kiddie pool. By the end of our wake board time we were actually able to start jumping off the deck and we made it all the way around the kiddie pool woot woot! *Applaud for the small victories*

After wake boarding we drove to Tagaytay and ate at a delicious restaurant with an amazing view called Buon Giorno. I ordered the seafood pasta and a minestrone soup, so I can get my veggies in my system obviously… In the menu, the seafood pasta sauce was described as spicy, but my sauce was not even close to spicy and I cannot handle spicy foods very well. The sauce had a beautiful color to it, a good mix of spices and veggies, and the seafood mix was delicious. The minestrone soup was good, I thought it had a really good balance of flavor and the veggies and noodles were cooked well. I also tried a Dalandan shake that came in a huge glass mug with a flexed arm as the handle- perfect for me! Dalandan comes from kalamansi, which is basically a lemony-limey thing in the Philippines (yeah, that description doesn’t help much). We use it as a lemon or a lime in our food and drinks; just order the dang shake, okay??? The only bad part was that a gigantic fly also wanted to try my Dalandan shake and ended up falling into my shake when I was only halfway done with it. Normally my insectophobia and germaphobia side would have freaked out and left the shake alone after that. But the starving side of me said to scoop the fly out as fast as possible and drink the shake until you feel like the steroid fly’s leftover germs are about be consumed. Then again, I did accidentally drink gulps of the wake boarding water, so I don’t think fly germs would’ve been that bad…

Did I mention the amazing view we had? It looked like a painting was in front of my eyes and I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was absolutely breath-taking and I will definitely be returning to this site to eat and try out the other restaurants around Buon Giorno. After our fairytale lunch we stopped by the most beautiful Starbucks we had ever seen (channeling my inner-American here). I didn’t order anything because I was so full from all the delicious food I had just consumed, but the view was just ridiculous. On the way back to Manila we stopped by Rowena’s which is famous in Tagaytay for their buko pies. The crust was thick and flaky at the same time and the buko with the filling they used was dense, moist, and sweet. I highly recommend stopping by here!

I also made a short travel video on my YouTube channel in case you guys wanna watch some wake boarding action and see a human being fly… hahaha





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