Davao, Philippines with Beach Volleyball Republic

I never actually played in a competitive beach volleyball tourney before and this was the perfect time for me to start. Beach Volleyball Republic is a beach volley organization here in the Philippines that strives to grow the game without all the crappy politics that come with sports. They travel to different places and hold clinics for different towns as well as hold tournaments so that other islands are exposed to the sport, and most importantly because they’re so passionate to help people.

Davao, Yes President Duterte’s Hood, Where I FLEW IN AN ULTRA-LIGHT!!!

Basically the only way to describe this “plane” is a go-kart, mixed with a fan as an engine, mixed with a glider. Totes trustworthy, I know. I got to fly during the sunset, but unfortunately my flight got cut short (about 12 min instead of 15 min) because the sunset really does happen fast in the Philippines. When I was up there I couldn’t even speak words because I was just awed and amazed at how beautiful life is- just get the tissue box out already! But really though, I hope you guys experience this at least once in your life.

The Tourney.

Day 1… Bre, my teammate for Pocari Sweat, was my beach partner. She had plenty of experience before, thank goodness! Our first match was supposed to start at 10:00 am, but we did not play until 2:00 pm, which delayed our second and final match of the day to 5:30 pm when the sun sets quickly! We were playing beach in the dark, no extra lights around hahaha. But honestly WE KILLED IT! Day 1 in the books, celebrated with good food and we acted like the young 20-something-year-olds like we are. Day 2… Thanks to Dzi and Kate’s amazing beach game combined with my lack of experience, Bre and I got our butts handed to. But we became the real winners because we got to sit in the shade and eat yummy food, chill out, and not stress about not having to play next- HA!

Island hopping

Guys… The waters and white sand beaches of Davao took my breath away. I’ve never seen such vivid bllue colors of the ocean and I could not believe my eyes at all! It took a while to get to most places, boat rides to different islands ranged from 30-60 minutes. We took lots of pictures, got some color in the sun, and just lived the beach life. I’ll link a video of my Davao adventure right here, you just gotta travel there to see all its beauty!


Adventure Awaits.



Hong Kong Travels


I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with my team to Hong Kong, but unfortunately the trip felt too short! We stayed in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong at the Silka Far East Hotel. I’ll be honest with you, this “room” my roommate and I were booked was the absolute most uncomfortable hotel room I’ve ever stayed in… IT WAS A ROOM FOR ANTS. Seriously, you walk in the door, take one more step, and BAM you’re standing at your bed (sorry, I didn’t save my snapchats about it). The good thing about the room was that it was clean.

Food. NOW.

20160923_123255.jpgI cannot translate the restaurant name for the life of me, but we went to this small, yet amazing place along the sidewalk on Castle Peak Rd just before the Circle K convenience store. It was only about a 5 minute walk from the hotel and I had the best ramen I’ve ever had! Granted, I’ve only had Top Ramen, but still! It was amazing. It was called the Beef Brisket Ramen with Special Sauce. I’m not sure what the “special” part was, but I’m guessing it’s magic because I did not let my ramen go to waste. The beef was so tender and seasoned well and just fell apart and melted with each bite. I also had mango juice, which is basically a mango shake there and that was delicious too.

Garden of Stars

The Garden of Stars place was pretty cool, and I got to put my hands in Jackie Chan’s handprints woo hoo! It was fun to walk around and see how they arranged all the stars’ names and some awesome statues. I was only starstruck for Jackie Chan’s hands and Bruce Lee’s statue though.


Ocean Park

Ocean Park was THE coolest theme park I’ve been to in terms of location and things to do! It has everything you want in an amusement park- FOOD, rides (dry & wet!), an aquarium & other animals that sadly belong in the wild 😦  , places to chill and watch shows, kiddie areas, etc. My breath was taken away by the gorgeous scenery especially going to the top of the mountain where the rides were. WE TOOK A HANGING CABLE CAR TO THE RIDES!!! The rides were so fun, but I really could not stop looking at the scenery. At one point I rode a ride similar to Drop Zone 4 times and changed what side of the ride I was on because when you get to the top you can see all around you, then it all goes away when you’re screaming so loud because you’re, well, dropping really fast from the ride. You just have to go experience the place for yourself!


Nightlife & Final Thoughts.

A few teammates and I took the train to Lan Kwai Fong and I was completely shocked at how cool the nightlife was! All of the lounges, clubs, and basically parties were on a huge strip that went uphill; and at the top of the hill there was another strip- so it was a huge street party on a road shaped like a T. Everyone was so chill & fun at the same time, and there were so many foreigners. The best part is you don’t actually have to get all dolled up unless you wanna go into the high-class lounges! Casual wear for the win!

Overall even though I had to stay at a hotel I would never recommend, I absolutely loved Hong Kong and I really look forward to going back and exploring more of the scenery and more food!